The International Master Class on Directing(USA)

The International Master Class on Directing(USA) will be held from May 18 to June 22, 2009. Cosponsored by the Art Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, P.R.China and the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA), this event is hosted by the Department of Directing of STA. Five internationally renowned directors from North America are invited to give lectures and conduct workshops on directing. Each International director will be teaching for one week, including fours days for lectures or workshops, the fifth day for the students’ presentation, and the last two days for the director and students to wrap up the week by discussion.

We encourage the senior professional directors from all over China to participate in the master class, besides the faculty and students in the Department of Directing of STA. This class will enroll 30 participants. The directors who have won awards of the “National Stagecraft Competition Project" will enjoy the enrolment priority and a certain amount of financial support.

The master class is the first project in China to present renowned international directing professors systematically. Shanghai Theatre Academy will invite experienced Chinese directors to assist/collaborate with the international masters. During the same period, STA will host the First UNESCO ITI Theatre School Expo of the Asian Pacific Region, which will bring theatre troupes from more than a dozen countries all over the world to our beautiful campus. The Expo will add great resources and attraction to the International Master Class on Directing(USA).

The International Master Class on Directing is planned to be held for 6 sessions from 2009 to 2014, which are as follows,
2009 - United States of America
2010 - United Kingdom
2011 - Russia
2012 - France
2013 - Germany
2014 - Australia

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