TUTOR: LISA MAULE (Senior Tutor, Entertainment Technology & Arts Management - Toi Whakaari; NZ Drama School)
I can offer different length workshops:
An introduction to creative lighting and performance – a short/half a day (12 – 18 students) or
longer and more in depth.
Theatrical Lighting Design Master Class Workshop
Two and a half day workshop
12 – 15 students – this workshop can be catered to lighting students or to students from other disciplines or for people with lighting experience.
Explore how light can be used to give inspiration to making performance.
This is creating from light and delving into how light interacts with movement, text and sound.  Can a bare light bulb be magic? Is a candle an inspiration? How does a slip of light feed into a performance. This workshop expands and solidifies student’s knowledge of the tools of theatrical lighting – selectivity, angle, colour, intensity, and allows play time which is often not allocated in a making process.  The structure of this ‘play’ will offer possibilities for future creativity.
A workshop presentation at the end allows a show and tell and gives others insight into the process and will share some of the ideas which come out of the session.
All this will be working in groups and is fully participatory. Each participant will be in the light experimenting as well out of the light observing. Part of each session is a presentation and a discussion
Day One         9.30am – 5.30pm [7hrs]
The possibilities of light
Presentation on Lisa’s lighting work
Intro Light Session # 1 – Angles
Intro Light Session # 2 – Objects & Surfaces
Intro Light Session # 3 – Text
Intro Light Session # 4 – Other sources of light
Intro Light Session # 5 – From the day’s work
Present & Discuss & Prep for Day 2
Day Two         9.30am – 5.30pm [7hrs]
Creating performance with light
Creative Light Session # 1 Group 1
Creative Light Session # 2 Group 2
Creative Light Session # 3 Group 3
Present and Discuss
Creative Light Session # 4 – Detail work
Creative Light Session # 5 – Build on the day’s work
Day Three      9.30am – 12.30pm [3hrs]
Consolidate a presentation
Technical requirements
A light tight space (with no gaps for day light to get in)
10 – 20 theatrical light fixtures
A variety of rigging positions available
A venue technician to assist technical changes
A variety of non theatre light fixtures - to be confirmed – tutor will provide some, perhaps request students to also bring a hand held light source
A simple lighting board that can be operated manually and programmed.
Some props / fabric / surfaces – to be confirmed – tutor will provide some
A large floor area is preferred 10m x 10m minimum for 15 students
A second space with day light for discussion and group work
Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Lisa has worked as a lighting designer for 20 years in many genres. Lisa has held the Senior Tutor in the Technology and Management programmes at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School for two years and she maintains work practice including producing and designing. Lisa has collaborated on many teams and worked with many notable producers of New Zealand work, including Taki Rua Productions; Downstage Theatre; Armstrong Productions; Capital E, National Theatre for Children; and The New Zealand International Arts Festival. She has received critical acclaim for her work including Chapman Tripp Lighting Design of the Year 1998, 2000, 2008.
“In light there is tangible – a licence to see; and intangible – a connection to our inner emotional beings.  Frequently we leave our theatrical connection with light until the last few days of making a production.  There are rich possibilities of interaction with environment and performer and for story telling with light and I never tire to explore this in any situation.” 
Lisa Maule (2010)
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