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The Fifth Asia-Pacific Bureau Directors Conference

Dear APB Members,
It’s our great pleasure to invite you to the fifth Asia-Pacific Bureau Directors Conference at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan. In addition, we will also host a theatre festival during Aug 31st – Sep 6th 2012.
To follow the tradition of APB Expo, the festival will be consist of : workshops, students shows, and directors conference and forum.
Workshops : Each school is invited to conduct a workshop for all the other participants. The workshop may last upto 3hrs, and may provide a glimpse into the school’s training methodologies by conducting a series of exercises for other participants. We will provide a studio space to each school to conduct their sessions. All the workshops will also open to our department students.
Students Shows & Discussion – Each school is invited to perform a students‘ show on any text. The aim is to present the pedagogic system of each school. The duration of the show will be limited within 60mins. We will provide a theatre space with modern facilities (lights, sound and video-projection). It is taken into consideration that these shows might open to the public. The intent here is to bring together diverse and contemporary interpretations of these texts and open more ways of staging them. Thus, the culture and style of each school will be presented, and make the public know them more. After the show, there will be a half hour for interaction with the audience. The respective contingent leader member may prepare a brief presentation about the history of their school, the present context within which it works and an introduction to their pedagogical philosophy and training system.
Directors Conference and Forum – A meeting of the Directors of Drama schools will be held on 5th Sep 2012 from 09:00am – 12:00pm to discuss further plans of action. A forum on the topics of the theatrical pedagogy in Asian in the past and the future and the discussion of cross-filed creation in 21th Century will be held on the same day from 14:00pm-16:30pm. We invite and encourage respective faculty members to bring the students your thoughts and ideas on these topics, and motivate stimulating & enlightening discussion.
TNUA will host a maximum of 6 members from each school, including students and technical staff, and we will also host president, dean, and chairperson from each school. Local hospitality (room, food and transport) will be looked after for a period of 8 days, i.e. Aug 30th – Sep 6th 2012. Airfares will have to be arranged by your school.
The aim of the festival is to offer a platform for share and discussion, and promote the interaction and communication between member schools. We will try our best to prepare and support all the needs and inform the further details as soon as possible. Please do confirm your participation by April 16th, 2012 and send us details of your team (number of members) and other requirements (technical drawings of the show) if any, at the earliest. By the end of April, please send us the brief introduction of your school, the content of workshop and the students show, for this information will be put into the programme booklet of the festival. Meanwhile, we will be sending you a detailed schedule of the APB festival with other information in a subsequent mail.
My assistant Ms. Chien will contact with you hereafter. You can reach her at this email
< > Please do not hesitate to contact her for any questions.
In the end, I hope this festival may create a delightful environment and enlightening situation for all schools to interact with each other – no matter in practice or pedagogy in the process of workshops and shows, a spirit with the love of sharing, expressing, interacting, and learning will be presented. I hope this might help to promote the totality of Asian theatre system.
We are extremely enraptured by hosting the festival, and sincerely welcome you and your teams to Taipei.

Best regards,

Yang Chi-wen
Dean of the Theatre School
Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan

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