Agenda of APB Theatre School Directors Conference

1.     Organization Structure: Because the UNESCO Chair led by Cornelliu Dumitriu ceased to exist on Dec. 31, 2012, and the embryonic ITI Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts has received positive response from UNESCO’s Director General, but not yet officially established, APB suggests that we keep the current structure of APAB and APB for two more provisional years and discuss the issue in 2016 under the guidelines of the then fully established ITI Network. This plan will be discussed and voted on. STA is willing to continue to serve APB members schools in the following two years.
2.     Membership: APB suggests that we discuss the issue based on a Aubrey and Rick’s proposals (posted on the APB Website), which welcome more schools to apply and also require any school applying for APB membership to have at least one current member school’s recommendation and another member school’s endorsement. Applications will be discussed and voted on at APB meetings.
3.     Events in the ensuing two year: In the 2008 APB meeting at STA, we decided to have a major APB event, including festival and workshops, every other year; and a small-scale school directors meeting every year, on rotating basis. Since then, we have followed this guideline quite well. Now it is time for us to plan future activities. All member schools are welcome to make proposals.
4.     Long term exchange activities among member schools: STA will give a report on its annual Summer School and Winter Institute which are open to APB member schools. Other schools are also welcome to give similar reports, to encourage more border-crossing activities.
5.     Other issues proposed by member schools.
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