The 7th Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival



Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival is a non-profit international cultural exchange event initiated by Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1998. It aims to provide an opportunity for the theater professionals and theater audience in Shanghai and China to have a better understanding of the new theatre theories and productions home and abroad, by strengthening understanding and cooperation between theatre people in China and other countries. The event focuses on experimental theatres, emphasizing the intrinsic value of theatre art. The audiences of the event are mainly theatre professionals, young people and the well-educated. Through the various performances, they can expand their international perspective, improve academic exchanges, increase the aesthetic taste and refresh the diversity and prosperity for the modern urban culture.


Since 1998, Shanghai International Experimental Theater Festival has been held for six times, with a regular interval of two or three years. Each time we invite about 10 productions from other countries (regions), 3 – 4 productions from mainland China, with altogether 40-50 performances and over 10,000 audiences. In each festival there are performing groups, including professionals and students, from Europe, America, Asia, mainland China, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. During the festival an open academic symposium is held for the participants.

Shanghai International Experimental Theater Festival satisfies both the needs of arts of different levels and styles in Shanghai culture, also inspires both the recognition and love of all kinds of theatres, in particular the experimental theatre, in theater professionals and lovers, and thus forming a fixed audience groups, who are playing a positive role in the development of Shanghai as an international metropolis. The performances, workshops and seminars held during the festival contribute greatly to the exchange and learning between Chinese and foreign artists on the experimental theater, while enriching the life of the theatre school students and expanding their artistic vision.

Shanghai International Experimental Theater Festival has achieved certain social recognition. Besides the active participation in both performance and discussion by staff and students in art institutions of higher education, members of art groups and research institutes home and abroad, many artistic directors or persons in charge attend the festival to select promising productions, including Edinburgh Festival, Lisbon International Arts Festival, Ireland Experimental Theatre Festival, Asia Minor Theatre Exchange Network, Asian Theatre Festival in South Korea, Alice Theater Festival in Tokyo, Hong Kong International Arts Festival and Taipei Art Festival. We are convinced that over time, Shanghai International Experimental Theater Festival will show stronger contribution to the cultural development of Shanghai, especially on international cultural exchanges, with increasing influence home and abroad.

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