Winter Institute 2014

January 4th through 14th
Hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy and
Co-sponsored by Brown, Columbia, Duke, NYU & Yale Universities
Scholars, practitioners, and students from all over the world will be gathering in Shanghai for the third time to share their experiences and expertise, to explore the physical, theoretical, and theatrical geographies of contemporary performance, and to contribute to the ongoing transformation of this city and other, similar places in the world.
Topics of lectures, seminars, and workshops will cover:
·         Media arts
·         Theatre management
Brown University
l  Eng-Beng Lim – workshop: Spellbinding Performance in the Asias
l  Daniel Stein - workshop: Physical Theatre
Columbia University
l  Arnold Arronson – workshop: Analyzing Non-Verbal Elements in Performance
l  Christian Parker - workshop: Helping Playwrights Improve Their Plays
Duke University
l  Tommy DeFranca - workshop:Dancing with Robots
l  Bill Seaman – lecture: Experimental Use of Computer for Performance and Theatrical Installation
New York University
l  Robert Landy – workshop: Educational Theatre and Forum Theatre
l  Louis Sheeder – workshop: Acting Shakespeare; Lecture: The Evolution of the Method
l  Joanna Waley-Cohen – lecture: Chinese/Western Encounters in the Past Half Millennium
Yale University
l  Victoria Nolan – lecture: Managing People; Production Process
l  Evan Yionoulis - workshop: The Actor's Path
Shanghai Theatre Academy
l  Gong Baorong - lecture: Chinese and Western Theatre
l  Guo Yu - lecture: Performing Intercultural Chinese Opera
l  William H. Sun – lecture: Social Performance Studies: the Chinese School of Performance Studies
l  Xu Jiali - workshop: Beijing Opera Performance
Other Chinese professors
l  Chen Sihe: lecture: Chinese Literature Today
ü  Chinese theatre, opera and dance performances.
The enrolment capacity is up to total of 60 students, international and Chinese. Tuition fees for students from the five sponsoring universities will be waived. Students from other universities can participate for a nominal tuition fee of US $2,000 and outstanding students may apply for tuition scholarship from STA. Hotel stays (within walking distance) can be arranged for students by STA staff at a cost of approximately $25 per person per day in a double room. Meal subsidy will be provided for students.
Deadline of application: December 15, 2013
Means of application: through email / fax, on confirmation of receipt
Please refer to the application form attached
International Cooperation Office, Shanghai Theatre Academy
Coordinating Group: Zhang Yunlei, Zong Yu
Tel: 86-21-6248-6050; Fax: 86-21-6248-5596
Contact person for application: Grant Zhong
Email:; Cell: 86-159-0046-8990

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