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Directing and Writing for Broadcasting


  Approved by the State Education Commission, our specialty of “Directing and Writing on Artistic Literature for Broadcasting” was established in STA in 1995, the name of which changed into “Directing and Writing for Broadcasting” in 1999. Our specialty has been listed in “national characteristic and specialty”. There are four specialty areas for the program: TV Program Planning, Directing and Writing for Documentary, On-Site Directing, Animation and Game Planning.
  There are a good number of screenwriters, directors, journalists, TV hosts, TV program planners  and producers have been trained here, who are active in television, broadcasting, film and television group, advertising agency, network company, etc,, while a significant part of the graduates have studied abroad for master degree and PhD to become research-typed talents. The students have received awards in all kinds of art festivals and events.
  Having the “Big Theatre” tradition of STA, our specialty earned a fame of “STA Style” in the fields of art education: inherit the teaching tradition of STA to aim at the students' creative thinking and hands-on capability, to train the talents with high art quality, rich knowledge, strong innovation capacity  and hands-on capability.
  Primary courses include: Writing Fundamentals, Film and television play writing, Directing Fundamentals, Television documentary, TV directing theory and skill, TV art program planning, Studio and field directing, Audio-visual language, etc, which are centered on three systems: TV program, planning and producing, Directing theory and skill, TV concept and production.