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Hou Yong


Hou Yong, a professor at the Shanghai Theater Academy, Film and Television Academy Film department, National level cinematographer. Currentpart-time professor at the Beijing Film Academy, a member of the China Film Association, Association of Chinese film director Chinese television director member of the Committee, Chinese the cameraman Society vice president, a member of the Chinese Institute of Photographic Art, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles smashing, Shenzhen Honorary Chairman of the Culture Committee, Shenzhen Television Association. A graduate from the Beijing Film Academy.

Awards: the decade Shenzhen Dapeng Literary Award, film and television drama group member of the selection committee; decade Shenzhen Dapeng Literary Award Selection Committee members; judges of the first session of the China Film Award for outstanding photography; Kodak (foreign trade) Co., Ltd. issued movie honor Contribution Award; representatives of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Third smashing forum; members of the jury of the second session of the China Advertising Association Academy Award; recognition of the Shenzhen Municipal Government issued a special allowance; "Contemporary Cinema" magazine special grant " honor of "; 25th China Golden Rooster Award judges; Shenzhen Media Group special grant" National DV Alliance artistic adviser; Third Seoul International Television Festival jury members; First China International New Media Short Film Festival Jinpeng Prize Jury members; members of the jury of the Shanghai International TV Festival, the Third China International New Media Short Film Festival Jinpeng Prize jury members.

Research Interests: Photography, Director

Main courses: cinematography theory and creation, MV and CF creation

Major works:
Participated in the filming work won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear for best film of the Tokyo International Film Festival, China Golden Rooster Awards, China Society of Cinematography Awards, Beijing Student Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival Media Award and many other awards at home and abroad.
Major film as a photographer: "September", "the hunting grounds Zhasa", "The Mystery of the World last clue," Horse Thief "," Sun Yat-sen "," Evening Bell "," Kyoto Ball Man ", he chose to murder." , "Fists", "Blue Kite", "Sun Turned Cold," Nanjing -1937 "," Warrior Lan Ling "," mixed "," Opium War "," Hawaiian legend, "Not One Less" , "My Father and Mother," "Happy Times", "Pavilion of Women", "QiaoFeng", "covers children", "ChunguiMeng," Prince of the Himalayas "," magic "

Films as a director: "The days of bleeding," Jasmine "," The One Man Olympics "