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Song Huaiqiang


Song Huaiqiang, China's outstanding expert in fiction studio, singer, Host art educator. He is currently the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the federation chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in Jing'an District, Shanghai Theatre Academy.In the past thirty years, he had dedicated for the Chinese film, radio, television, stage art 2000 screenings performances and more than 500 works , and had got fifteen national art awards and more than 30 provincial and municipal awards. He once reelected three Chinese Radio Drama Best Actor, International Broadcast Arts Festival "Golden Chimes" Award, "five" Engineering Award (second) and Huabiao. He mainly teaches art voice and language, and he had trained a large number of artists and famous host. And they won a Golden Microphone, a Golden Microphone Finalist, four Prozac Award, three Newcomer Award (Gold). Training students were awarded the Silver Medal of the previous CCTV challenge show host), prize-winner of the Cross-strait Host, prize-winner of Beijing, Tianjin and Chongqing Moderator, East China provinces and one city host Prize-winner, 2011 China chanting read the classic contest national finals college first prize in the first.

Research interests: art of language, the theory of education era presiding on Tools, discipline theory and vocational theory

Main courses: Character speech, dramatic readings, TV prose, stylistic art, the Stylistic program creation

Art education teaching achievements:
In 1998, presided over the professional language courses curriculum reform and curriculum design was initiated by Song Huaiqiang. As famous language artist, the national language expert and musician, he first proposed the theory of education era presiding on Tools, discipline theory and vocational theory. He put forward voice training original ecological theory, emphasized on the importance of developing instinct, put forward a wide range of educational thinking of presided over the art of language teaching, distinguished the difference of the form language of Broadcasting and Hosting, and then put forward the recommendations of all language courses must publicly display show. Supported by the voice lab's technical, he proposed the concept of voice quantify education methods and voice standard format. Language training courses emerged new styles in his advocacy, Character speech, dramatic readings, TV prose, stylistic art. In language teaching curriculum in 2004, he again hit a new road "the Stylistic program creation ",and it can be described as the new course of the country's leading new lesson.
He founded the first of the main courses of the training program host system with Wu Honglin.

Song Huaijiang art education in academic research:
Key research directions:
1. Artistic voice and language of art
2. TV host characteristics and application of the language
On the basis of researching functional differentiation of communicative language in people socially field, social situations, communicative purpose and communicative object, study deep a unique expression gradually formed by TV host language specific to the mode of transmission, propagation the purpose and dissemination object. Studying the characteristics of this style of application method helps to improve the quality and the expressive power of the host language, and help presenters develop the correct terminology habits and expression consciously.
As the Shanghai Educational Highlands academic leader, he created the first artistic voice voice computer lab.
Institute of areas: teaching voice, dramatic characters voice modeling, vocal arts type analysis, youth drama actor voice research.
Studio Director of presided over the arts and Speech Communication.

Main courses:
Presided over the foundation courses "artistic voice technique class", "theater stage sound"
"Putonghua Proficiency Test Course", "radio art", "speech arts". "film dubbing techniques"
Presided excellent courses "artistic language expression, performance classes"
Presided over the excellent main course " host a show creative lesson - variety show "
Presided over the excellent main course " host a show creative lesson - talk show "
And create excellent courses "stylistic program Creative Course "

Famous works:
The editor of "now Chinese tone format Dictionary",820,000 words, Information Agency of the People's Republic of China Eleventh Five-focused publication planning project, 2010 Urban Education Commission research projects, Publishing - Shanghai Joint Publishing House, ISBN978-7-80 751-409-1.
"Art and Language Training Manual", 10 million words, in 2007, (Published - Shanghai Conservatory Press ISBN7-80 667-768-2)

International papers; "voice performance computer linear analysis" ---- nationwide acoustic 2007
Core publications "concept of the image of the artistic language" ----- Dramatic Art 2007/1 135 CN31-1140 / J
The core publication heroic chant chant passion about "----- Drama Press 2007 ISBN-7-104-02507-3/J-937
Core publications "cross-language communication: a very practical significance of the next century topics" ranking the Yan'an Song Huaijiang Wu Honglin co-author ----- Wen Wei Po Academic Edition 2007
Chaired program stylistic and fuzzy rhetoric "--- the sixth broadcast television research POINT2009.

The Professor Song Huaijiang is not only famous artist's language, but also the language applications scholar and educator. He has a rich and unique cultural experience and language exchange artistic practice. He is the artistic voice and language theory and practice leader.
He is a teacher has 23 years of teaching experience and decent show with "education" career. He insists on teaching philosophy is to develop a national art project art practice and a large number of examples and results of the international exchange teaching.He not only continuously obtained national awards, and also raised the academic level to a new height.
He is active in various social groups, maintained a close and extensive ties with the community and passion for creativity, planning, making arrangements for a variety of cultural activities, was widely praised by the community. Because of his special status, he is a backbone and right-hand man of the party and the government in cultural exchanges with foreign countries, national image publicity, the reform of the political system, the press and propaganda to persuade, the people's political communication, political participation, as well as construction of mainstream culture.