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Fang Fang


Fang Fang, professor, Ph.D superviser. The vice chairman of Documentary Committee of the China Association of Broadcasters, the member of Shanghai Film Critics Society, the Consultation and Evaluation Expert of Major cultural events in Shanghai, a consultant of Shanghai Precious image heritage. The person in charge of the quality courses in Shanghai"Documentary production".An academic leader of " Radio and Television Arts ", key disciplines of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. One of the person in charge of the national radio and television features professional. The operas MA graduated from the School of Drama.

Main course: documentary making, Shanghai boutique courses

Research interests: non-fiction film and television creative, cultural dissemination of research

With a personal monograph <The history of the development of Chinese documentary >, issued by the Ministry of Culture, the National Culture and Arts Science Outstanding Achievement Award, the editor of <Media the research frontier Report>, <Performing market research> and writings multi-unit, published papers <The early Chinese films of Brand Strategy>, <Exploration and discovery of new TV shows satisfaction evaluation system>, etc. Has undertaken a number of research projects of the National Social Science Fund, planning research projects of the National Arts and Sciences, the Ministry of Culture, Science and Education Division issues, the Shanghai municipal government decision-making consulting projects. Created TV series "Get lost", "clove", "Divorce Guide", "Harley Harley" , involved in the planning of the TV part the "Oriental Room Live "," psychological interview", the "truth Record" "Documentary Editing Room ", etc. Many times invited by the UNESCO International Society of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) , attended the the World Media General Assembly and speaked. 2006 by the invitation of the European Media Alliance (EPRA), a keynote speech in the the European media high-end meeting in Cologne Media Summit. Won the International Canadian Studies Award, Baosteel Education Fund Outstanding Teacher Award and many other awards.

Undertake projects and topics:
"TV program evaluation system research", National Social Science Fund project 07BXW016, 2007
"Television director specialty professional ", Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, construction projects, 2008
"Cultural performances and market trend analysis and countermeasures research", project of the Ministry of Culture, Science and Education Division, 2005
"Thinking about foster and support the creative industries, promote industrial culture and Countermeasures of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee decision-making consulting topics in 2006
"Modern TV drama teaching method to study " ,the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the introduction of foreign technology, management talent project, in 2006, 2009.
"Media dissemination of an evaluation system developed", the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the introduction of foreign technology, management talent project 2005,2010
"Series of surveys of cultural industries in Shanghai", the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission research project, 2004
"The city through science and education and basic education reform", the Shanghai municipal government decision-making consultation a hot topic in 2003
The Chinese documentary history of the development of the National Art scientific research project of the Ninth Five-Year Plan ", 1997

Main Academic Achievements:
"Chinese documentary history of the development of Chinese drama Press, published in December 2003, publication: ISBN7-104-01.86 thousand-/ J • 804
"The Shanghai performances market research", Wenhui Press, published in August 2009 ISBN978-7-80741-628-9
"The the Media Studies forefront Report", Wenhui Press, published in June 2010 ISBN978-780741-831-3
Paper "China's early films, Brand Strategy" published "the new film" 2012 3
Paper, "a new television program satisfaction evaluation system exploration and discovery, published in the Dramatic Arts 3, 2012.
Papers "Hundred Years of Film: film documentary minority" published "Chinese nation", 12, 2005
Paper "creative economy era performances industry opportunities and challenges", published in Dramatic Art in 2005, the fourth, income "excellent Creative Industries Forum Proceedings, November 2005, published by the China Social Sciences Press.
The paper, "calling the original" published in the February 13, 2004 Times Union first edition.
"Modern Media" published 2000 papers "Documentary Interview.
Paper, "People Documentary creation theory" published in the the outstanding Proceedings of the 2000 Shanghai Television Arts.
Papers "personal viewpoint of the documentary" published "drama" 2000.
The paper, "nearly three decades of documentary" published the fourth of Dramatic Art in 2000
Papers the "Yan'an movie group with Chinese Documentary Film" published "new" 1999 fourth movie

Major works:
National broadcast drama "get lost" in 2007, as the playwright, CCTV, Shanghai and Taiwan.
TV series "Emergency moment" in 1998, planning, screenwriter, National Legal Television Award.
TV series "clove" in 1997, worked as a screenwriter, broadcast nationwide and in the United States, Canada, Australia.
1996 drama "Harley Harley", screenwriter, selected for the" boy cow Award "
TV series "Wisely broken tiger case in 1995, the planning director, won first prize in the National Legal and television;
TV Column "healthy ten million in 1997, planning director of Chinese TV Starlight Award.
TV series "Heritage storm" planning, screenwriter, National Legal Television Award 1993.
Documentary "foreign mother, foreign dolls", 1990 Director by the National Film and Television documentaries second prize;
52 series miniseries "Roland", 1990, planning, screenwriter, was quadrennial broadcast TV Ministry and jointly organized by the Ministry of Health National film or television footage Competition the "crane Cup" two first prize.

Guiding students works were fifth Greek CRASHFEST International Film Festival Short Film unit Best Animation Award. Global Chinese University Student Film Competition Awards, National charity video game awards. Guidance in the work of students stand out from the 238 proposals worldwide to overcome professional director finalists Magnolia International Documentary Award "Asian record images director plan; "Gold Panda International Television Festival on the students during the school director documentary from 1351 works from 32 countries and regions such as France, the United States win the award-winning, CCTV, Phoenix TV, TV Asia and China at the provincial level broadcast; won several international contest "Best Organization Award".