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Wu Baohe


Wu Baohe, professor, doctoral tutor. Shanghai Dramatists Association Member; Shanghai Film Association Member;Shanghai TV Artists Association Member. He graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy of Dramatic Literature. Master of the Shanghai Theater Academy, Shanghai Theatre Academy Dr. He has writed TV documentaries", "TV performances planned "," a documentary of the contemporary world: Overview and Reading "," Chinese drama history tutorial "," Chinese contemporary theater drama ",etc. He has been involved in the screenplay drama "Mountain Festival", "Moon Festival",and TV series "Going to court is looking for us," tragic era ". He has been invited to participate in the Australia International Youth Dramatists Theatre Festival, Italy "Padua Film Festival" and made academic reports. His teaching was the third prize of Shanghai Higher Education Achievement. Works got "Starlight Award", the "Golden Shield Award", the "Asian Broadcasting Union Award for best drama",etc.

Main course: "TV performances planning" the (municipal boutique course), "Documentary", "screenwriter theories and techniques", "Chinese drama History"

Research direction: the Television Drama creation and theory, mainly for television performances, Chinese drama, the world of contemporary documentary drama

Undertake projects and topics:
"Contemporary World documentary: Status and Trends" Shanghai Education Commission research projects (06HS007) 2006,
Construction of a new system of "Chinese cultural symbols and Communication Research of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (No. 11ZS157) 2011 Nian research projects

Major academic achievements:
Academic works
"Contemporary World documentary":   None View and Reading Wenhui Press, 2009
"Chinese contemporary theater drama "       drama Press, 2004

Two combine creative methods questioned     Published in the "theater" 6 1979
Moving Needless                        Published in Jiangsu drama " 1980 10
A sharp spears                     Published Shanghai Dramatic Arts in 1981, a
Aliens and UFO                Published in the Shanghai Dramatic Art in 1981 a
Hoptman "Before Sunrise"               Published in Shanghai Theatre " 1981 2
History and non-history of historical drama  "Dramatic Art" published in 1981, two (pseudonym North Huai)
A real and unreal image                      Published in the "theater" 4 1981
Northern words the South says and Souhern songs the North sings   "Liberation Daily" published November 25, 1982
Historical drama of creation of praise          Published in 1983 of the new play, a
Arguing non-historical drama history again      Zhejiang Art Research "1983 5
Shaping the image of Marx's start              The Zhejiang Art Research 1983 9
Viewers learn - a new discipline               Shanghai Theatre 2, 1984
On the viewing needs                        Jiangsu Theatre Arts 100 1985 2
Mountain Festival "and the modern drama of God  Shanghai Theatre 3, 1985
Our reflections                   Shanghai Cultural Art Newspaper July 5, 1985
Understanding of the audience, beyond the audience   Shanghai Theatre, a 1986
Look forward to the emergence of female drama    Shanghai "Wen Wei Po" November 4, 1986
Awareness of rural and urban consciousness in the theater   Shanghai Cultural Art Newspaper April 7, 1987
Dark horse - Soyinka, Africa, and his theatrical creation   "Shanghai Theatre 2, 1987
To the new drama               "Shanghai Cultural Art Newspaper June 12, 1987
A combination of more than                         "Shanghai Theatre 2, 1988
Myth Renaissance "Moon Festival"                Shanghai artists "in 1988, two
Talk about "Night Watchmen"              Shanghai Youth Daily, August 5, 1988
Save yourself                             Shanghai Literary Corner "19888 4
The girls sacrifice "prototype Chinese drama"       Shanghai Dramatic Art 4, 1989
Poetic left behind in                     Shanghai, "Wen Wei Po" July 26, 1991
The joys and sorrows of their dreams by song   "Guangzhou Daily" August 11, 1991
Pioneers Elegy                          "Guangdong farmers August 18, 1991
"New stage" in the house between heaven and hell     Guangdong August 28, 1991
Praise justice, castigate evil      "Guangdong farmers reported September 13, 1991
Pioneers Elegy                              Guangdong Nan Yue play 3, 1991
The innovative gowns poem            "Guangdong farmers," December 13, 1991
Realism and arbitrariness                Guangdong, Stage and Screen "1992 12
Mysterious drama of Bali (three)           Guangzhou, southern red beans, a 1993
Drama skit artistic features                Guangzhou, southern red beans, a 1993
Fantasy poem, Rhapsody, fantasy dance    Guangzhou "cultural reference newspaper 17, 1993
Chic swim back,                       "Guangzhou Daily" September 29, 1993
The selection of sketches and ideas  Guangzhou "southern red beans" in mid-1994 a
Talk about dramatic comedy            "Guangdong Dramatic Art Corner 3, 1994
A written historical themes                   Two of Dramatic Art in 1996, P7-9
Prime Minister Humpbacked Liu how to attract the audience?   Drama Shadow Report 1996 3
Selection of the TV documentary                       "Dramatic Art in 1997 2
Container with torches                                  Dramatic Art 6, 1999
On the TV game show                                 "dramatic art" 2000 6
1990s, the morphology of the small theater drama            Dramatic Art 6, 2001
Music video creation theory "                        Dramatic Art in 2002, 6
Entertainment news programs "social science"        (Shanghai) March 6, 2003, with a total 860
Audience is the basis of the play                    "the Guangdong Art" 2003 6
Bowling for Columbine" revelation "of Chinese documentary Dramatic Art in 2004, a
Small theater theater: suspected reconstruction of the value 10 of the Chinese drama series                               Culture and Arts Publishing House, 2004
Small theater drama form the new century Chinese and foreign theater studies in the 1990s                                     Chinese Drama Publishing, 2004
Where are the new things in Stories of people             "Xinmin Evening News" October 31, 2004
Popular culture experiments with high-tech era drama "drama" Miss   Shanghai Theatre, 2005 1 (pen name Wu Cantonese)
Failed extreme                    "Xinmin Evening News" March 29, 2005 15A
Comedy Ukiyo-e                        "Xinmin Evening News" April 7, 2005
Borrowed Chunfeng sterile excellence    "Dream place to start." Drama Press, 2006
"Joking" drama Discrimination                          Dramatic Art 3, 2007
TV show "Big Brother" creative         "masters talk about creative Academia Press, October 2008
Cultural genes with the current problem of the Shanghai drama    "art school" Volume 4, Series 2, June 2009
Western documentary art                 "foreign art 16 stresses" the Shanghai one hundred Press, August 2009
10th edition of the grandparents in the magical land of the story of     "China Land and Resources News September 6, 2010
"Orphan": the classical tragedy Contemporary rewritten         Contemporary film "2011 a
Mulan, a Chinese cultural evolution and dissemination of symbols   Shanghai University of Science and Technology / Social Science "in 2011, a
Not the gods of the temple - A talk on contemporary Western religious documentary,                                 "Journal of Zhejiang Institute of Media" 2011 5

Teaching material
"TV documentary production            Culture and Arts Publishing House, 1999
"TV performances planning and creation          Chinese Drama Publishing, 2003
History of Chinese drama Tutorial         Culture and Arts Publishing House,2011
TV performances planning               Culture and Arts Publishing House,2012

Major works:
"Tomorrow, you will be going" (Screenwriter) 1983
Shan Ji "(Screenwriter) 1985
"Love angle" tonight (Screenwriter) 1986
"Moon Festival" (screenwriter, producer) 1988
"Kong Fansen" (screenwriter) 1995
"Fire sacrifice" (Screenwriter) 2006

1987 feature film "Elegy of Life" (writer)
Feature films into the ocean "(writer) 1988
Feature films into the ocean "(writer) 1988
Large party "starry sinks Guangzhou (writer) 1993
TV Column "East and West" (writer) 1993
Drama "crew" (Screenwriter)1994
Documentary "the cradle of the artist (writer, director)1995
TV series "litigate to find us," one of the (Screenwriter) 1995
Drama "tragic era" (screenwriter)1996
TV Column "Orient 110" (planning) 1997-2000
Documentary series "blood cast Golden Shield" (Director) 1999
TV Column "OK" (Planning), 2003 - 2005
Documentary "our home" (writer, director)2000
2003 documentary "blooming peony" (writer, director)
2005 documentary "common space" (writer, director)
The television program "Culture" (Written by guest speaker), 2007
TV series "nine to five" (chief planner, screenwriter guidance) 2007