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Yang Jianming


  Yang Jianming, also named Yang Duntie, was born in Liuhe Town of Taicang, Suzhou in 1951. He got his Bachelor's degree from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing University. After eleven years of working in broadcasting industry, he continued his study at Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he received his Master's degree in Oil Painting and Teaching and his Ph.D. degree in Chinese Drama Research. His dissertation was awarded a prize of Shanghai Excellent Doctorate Dissertation. He has published several books on artistic aesthetics, fine arts, drama research and film studies. His representative books include A Set Theory of Artistic Aesthetics (published by China Theater Press) and Drama Genre Studies (published by Shanghai Classics Publishing House). His works of oil painting and gouache also won international prizes. He is currently a Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor at Shanghai Theater Academy, and a member of China Theater Association, China Film Association, Shanghai Theater Association and Shanghai Film Association.