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Zhao Yunying


Zhao Yun Ying, professor, doctoral tutor, Shanghai Conservatory Theater, Film and Television, vice president of. A member of the Chinese Writers' Association, a member of the China Film Association, China Television Artists Association members. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Siping Normal College.

Creation published novels, novellas, short stories, movies, drama, essays and other works of nearly 200 million words, was awarded the title of "Chinese drama and art five decades, best screenplay," "Shanghai Excellent writers and artists". The work won the "Five-One Project" award, Flying Award, Golden Eagle Award, movie awards, the Seventh China Population Culture Award, the three northeastern provinces Golden Tiger Award, Jilin Changbai Mountain Arts Award and other awards.

Research: drama writing, creation theory and techniques

Main courses: drama writing, screenwriter element training, Introduction to Art, theory and skills on screen-writing