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Zhan Xin


Current Positions
  1.Professor, Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA)
  2.Mentor/Supervisor of graduate students of STA
  3.National first grade sound engineer
  4.Vice president, Committee of the Film Sound Art of China Film Association (CFA)
  5.Vice Director, Committee of the Film Education and Industry, CFA
  6.Council Member, Sound Committee of the Association of Film & TV Technology
  7.Council Member, National Association for College Film &TV
  8.Committee Member, Shanghai Culture & Art Association
  9.Council Member, Shanghai Film Association
  10.Council Member, Shanghai Film Sound Art Association
  11.Committee Member, Shanghai Outstanding Youth Association.

Education & Professional background
  1.1978 -1982, Bachelor, Beijing Film Academy, China
  2.1983 – 2004, Sound Engineer
  3.2004 – Now, Professor, Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA)

Selected Awards:

Academic Awards
  1.The Best Recording Award of the13th China Golden Rooster Award for the film of "Que people". 
  2.The Best Film Recording Award of the 3rd National Film and Television Technology Institute Awards for the film of "Que people". 
  3.Best Film Technology Award of 1996 National Film Awards for the film of "Red River Valley".
  4.Best Recording Award Nomination of 17th Golden Rooster Awards for the film of "Red River Valley"."
  5.Second Film Recording Prize of the 5th China Film &TV Technology Institute Awards for "Red River Valley"."
  6.First Film Recording Prize of the 4th Chinese Film &TV Academy Award for the film of "Warrior Lanling".
  7.Best Visual Effects Award of 9th Shanghai International Film Festival Media Awards for the film of “Barber".
  8.Best Film Technology Award of 1999 Huabiao (National) Film Award for the film of “Emergent Landing”.
  9.Special Award of the 3rd China Film College Society Award for the film of “ Lovely China”.
  10.Best Recording Award Nomination of the 28th Taiwan Golden Horse Award for the film of “Center Stage”.
  11.Best Entertainment Award of the 1st Chinese College Students’ Film Festival for the film of "San Mao Joining in the Army".
  12.Chinese University Students Film Festival "best viewing effect award";
  13."Lovely China" won the third session of the Chinese University of Film and Television Institute Award "special award";
  14.Second Recording Prize of the 2014 Chinese Film & Television Technology Society Award for the TV show of "leadership".

Social Awards
  1.The title of "the Artist with the Best Moral and Arts” honored by Shanghai government.
  2.The title of the "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" ” by Shanghai government.
  3."Top Ten National Outstanding Youth" Award Nomination.
  4.Have been rewarding by the State (National) Council with the "Special Government Allowance" due to the outstanding contribution to the sound art.

Other Selected Finished Works: Sound-works in more than 80 Films, more than 1000 episodes in TV, and a variety of stage shows and ad have been produced.

1.Films (Sound Designer, Sound Engineer and Sound Director)
  •"Harmony China": the world's first film using multi-dimensional 3D sound with14.4.3 twenty-one channel (The Theme Film in China Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo)
  •"Lotus Lantern": First film in China using 3D sound with DTS digital six-channel.
  •“King of Shanghai”
  •Havoc in Heaven
  •Examination 1977
  •The Song of Everlasting Regret
  •Red Rose White Rose
  •Ms. Stay
  •Lost on Journey

2.TV/Video (Sound Engineer and Sound Director)
  •Our 1977
  •iPartment 3
  •Past dreams
  •Shanghai Past
  •Don’t love me
  •The Book and the Sward
  •Justice Bao
  •Women in Huizhou
  •Century Life
  •People with Green Card
  •Love on the sea
  •Brown Canna
  •Chinese Soccer

3.Drama/Theatre/Stage Show (Sound Designer)
  •Gyangze Mark in Tibet: a large-scale original/real ecological drama, June 2016
  •The Young Generation: A drama by Shanghai Theatre Academy, December 2015
  •Shui Mo Tong Li: a large stage-show with multimedia 3D sound in Tongli Theater, July 2014
  •Dejia’s Diamond: a large modern ballet performed in Shanghai Grand Theatre, August 2011
  •Reverberation and Recall: a large-scale multimedia recitation drama performed in Shanghai Grand Theatre, June 2011
  •Our 2010: a multimedia drama performed in Shanghai Grand Theater, November 2010; won a "special award" in the 2nd Chinese Campus Drama Festival
  •Dream in Peony Pavilion: Kunqu Opera performed in San Shan Hall in Shanghai, May 2010
  •Mars 1948: a drama for celebrating 60 Anniversary of the National Day the drama in Shanghai Theatre Academy, Sep. 2009

Selected Publications:
  •Sound-Dialogue with Film Sound: a book with 300,000 words; China Film Publishing House; January 2017
  •Building up and Developing – About Teaching Philosophy of the Film sound under the new industrial environment: a paper won the "First Prize" of the Excellent Paper Award of the Chinese Film Technology Forum in the 24th Golden Chicken & Baihua Award Festival
  •Features of 3D Sound Designing of the film of “Monkey King”: a paper won the "Excellent Paper Award" in the 8th Association Award of the National Association for College Film &TV; Nov. 2014
  •Thesis on sound production of multi-dimensional 3D sound: a paper won the "Excellent Paper Award" in the 7th Association Award of the National Association for College Film &TV; June. 2012
  •Analysis of film sound creation of the film of “Memory Echo – About Examination 1977: a paper won a Second Prize in the Academy Award of China High Education for Film and Television

Research Interests
  Creative design of sound & auditory art and technology of film & TV