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Zhao Wu


Zhao Wu, Shanghai Theater Academy Director of Television Arts Cultural Department Director. Associate professor, master tutor.

Research direction: Film and television director, performance skills

Main courses: film and television director, Theatre Directing and Performance "," visual language "," performance skills "," silent film "

Youth Foundation of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission: "Language and thinking - the narrative of the melodrama" knot (2000).

Main achievements:
The monograph "film and television director, East China Normal University Press, 2008;
Paper "drama Scene", published in "dramatic art" 2006 3;

The major works of artistic creation above the provincial and ministerial level awards:
Screenwriter, director works: screenings drama "Goodbye, Mom" (Shanghai dialect Arts Center produced for 2002, the CYL Central Committee "Five" project award);
TV series "99 errand" won the drama category the first prize of the sixth "Golden Boy Award";
Drama skit "Officers with the Academy of Sciences" won the 2007 Award for outstanding plays of the small repertoire competition in Shanghai (first prize);
Screenwriter, director works in the following order:
One-act plays "Youyan ice spring", the TV series "joint family" martyrs cemetery revolution in the history of art films "underground radio", the TV series "Safari Adventure" piece "before and after the speech, Shanghai Air and Space Museum show the film "surface-to-air missiles", Shanghai Science and Technology Museum display films polyethylene project ", the Yellow River flood control headquarters show piece" The Yellow River Flood Control and Shanghai Cable TV series of "fashion", Zhang Zhen Chinese erhu music TV, screenings drama "Good-bye, Mom", TV series "99 errand," drama "Who Moved My Cheese" TV movie "Nomad", "Comrade Mao Zedong Memorial Hall in Hunan revolution in the history of art films: Mao Zedong Revolutionary Life Series:" meeting "," the peasant movement, the Autumn Harvest Uprising "," Zunyi Meeting, the Red Army to climb snow-capped mountains, over the grass "captured the presidential palace, Jiangxi Shangrao Concentration Camp Memorial revolutionary history of art films Shangrao Concentration Camp, Sichuan Comrade Zhu De the revolutionary history of the memorial art films: outsmart yizhang "," Jinggangshan realignment "," Nanniwan "sketch" the Director-General Fellows "," who "," mobile phone "," two cigarettes ", Shanghai Theatre Institute of the Ministry of Education pilot teaching evaluation "feature film" youth drama "