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Wei Dongxiao


Wei Dongxiao, Associate Professor, Graduate tutor. Associate Dean of the School of Shanghai Theater Academy of Film and Television. The member of Sea TV Association, Shanghai Popular Science Writers' Association, Shanghai Creative Workers Association. He graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy of Dramatic Literature, Shanghai Theatrical Institute Master of Television Drama creation, social performances Ph.D.

He had long taught dramatic literature department. Main courses: "elements of training," one-act play writing, drama adaptation of "graduation work, the drama writing", "plays planning and management",etc. He is a key member of the "screenplay writing courses", and teaching materials group.

Research direction:
drama, film and television screenwriting, plays Creative Ecology.

Main Courses:
film and television screenwriting, Production,Planning and Management on TV  screenwriting, one-act drama writing

Research Project:
City Board of Education Priority Green Project "TV series for planning and management".
Central financial support to local financial project network drama (micro-film) Teaching and Practice "
Initiated and organized a the micro film series of activities of the Shanghai Theater Academy.

Up and down the episode "the last shot "(1991)
8-episode series "Love Contract" (1995)
20-episode series "Love Season" (1996),
 a 10-episode drama series "Safari Adventure" (1997)
52 sets of three-dimensional animated series "Toy House" (1998),
 the radio series "Interpol 803 Spider-Man" (2003)
Children's TV movie "teachers want to get married" (2006)
Dance poem "civilization totem" of the New Media Innovation Award of Shanghai for Science, Technology and the Arts (2007)
Scenario exhibition drama "Echoes of 1978" (2008),
new media dance poem "very environment" (2011), etc.