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Dong Jian


Dong Jian, broadcasting presenter. Graduated from the Jilin College of the Arts, for broadcasting and hosting art theory and teaching and research master's degree. National radio host "Golden Microphone Award winner; National Prozac television presenter, moderator Professional Committee of the China Television Artists Association, the Youth Committee of Jilin Province, Changchun City, outstanding CPPCC members, Changchun City, the Standing Committee of the Youth Federation. Served as producer, host, Jilin Province, Jilin TV satellite television channels broadcasting system, "winning talent. Worked in Heilongjiang TV, Travel Channel as a guest host. Has presided over rural club "and many other fine column. On behalf of Jilin TV to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival and Lantern Festival; ten consecutive years as Jilin TV Spring Festival Gala host. Participate in the CCTV large live events, Jilin, Shandong Spring Festival, Jilin, Hainan Spring Festival Gala, 15 provinces and cities and New Year's Day Gala, Northeast Asia super car model contest, the international "Chinese Bridge" Competition, Jilin young singer Television Awards tournament, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to the countryside to show sympathy and large-scale events such as nearly 100 games.

Research direction:

Main courses:

Hosted shows and Awards:
Television literary Starlight Award, Jilin the entertainment part Prize of the red-crowned crane, best host, Art Achievement Award TV drama broadcasting activities gold medal, the title of Top Ten Jilin TV announcer, Jilin Province "talent winning project" excellent announcer, host the title of honor, the Golden Eagle Award, Jilin TV "Top Ten" announcer, host title and audience favorite host the title of the glorious title of "National Prozac TV show host", China Radio and Television Society excellent broadcasting and hosting works TV presided over the second prize, first prize Award of radio and television programs, radio and television broadcasting in Jilin Province, presided over the program for television, the Chinese radio host "Golden Microphone Award".

Published papers:
TV presenter mastery art "," News "host of quality" in the state, "the causes of the personality style of the TV presenter, announcer, host indispensable news sensitive", "On China TV shows innovation and Countermeasures "

Appeared in movies, television works:
Movie "head one day"
TV series "traffic cop".