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Zhang Xiaoou


Zhang Xiaoou, graduated from the Directing Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy. She has a master degree and is a PhD candiadate in directing. Former director of Shanghai Opera House.

Major courses:
Basis for directing, Performance theory and performance skills

Research interests: Performing theory and Director theory, Drama culture, Short film research.

Project and subject:
 Basic host performance,Academy-level research projects of the Shanghai Theater Academy, 2010.
 Basis of Director and Performing , Shanghai Excellent course, 2011

The main academic achievements and awards:

The premiere date - the world's excellent video Appreciation Shanghai Bookstore Publishing,2012

theory of the the absurd characteristics of Ming Dynasty Ge Dai Xiao,Star version: The new attempt of Chinese drama’s commercializing,TV screen on the stage – the exploration of the proess of the televised theater productions,commemorate: a centuryof Shanghai drama, The research of Triangle Project’s teaching mode,The movie concept’s subversives –The research of World Cinema and Short Film’s trends,Short film: a fresh visual communication,Guo Xiaolu Movies: Oriental fable in the Context of Globalization .

Director works:
Drama "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Dangerous Liaisons" (writer, director)
"Fishing", "East Beach” (won the first prize of the Memorial Army of the General Staff 80th anniversary theatrical performances ," Has Nothing To Do With The Network ". dance drama: "Sun Bird"; musical "Do-Re-Mi", "Last Lecture" (won the Grand Prize of the Army’s Arts Festival ). "Spring of Shanghai" new folk music concerts, young singer concert, Nicholas Tse concert in Shanghai, Zhouzhuang International Tourism Festival, the Kunshan International Tourism Festival opening ceremony, the International Miss Tourism Competition concerts, dozens of evening party