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Zhang Wei


Zhang Wei, lecturer, specialized teachers. Shanghai Language Committee the Putonghua Proficiency testers, Shanghai Television Artists Association members. Graduated from the Communication University of China Broadcasting and Hosting Art Institute, Shanghai Theatre Academy Theatre & Opera MSc.

A former radio and television news broadcasts, television director, television presenter, and repeatedly served as the Documentary Channel exploration and discovery dubbing, had long served all kinds of TV news programs dubbing and advertising dubbing and were dubbed voice.

Main courses:
Voice-based , news broadcast , news program host

The main academic achievements:
1, power - from small YueYue event to see media publicity to promote China's social and moral construction, published in the Radio and Television Arts Collection , the 2012 first edition of the Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
2, to break the bottleneck - Moderator Study of Language, published in the Radio and Television Arts Collection Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House in June 2011, the first edition
Paper make your soundbeautiful, published in the knowledge, February 2007
4, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces frequently asked questions of the students in the process of learning Mandarin , published in the modern languages , January 2005
5, textbooks speech in vocal training tutorial, Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House in March 2011 the first edition