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Bao Lei


Bao Lei, a professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy TV presentingmajor. He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy Broadcasting and hostingmajor, Shanghai Theatre Academy film and television screenwriter (director) major. A member of the Shanghai Television Artists Association, a member of the Shanghai Film Society, a visiting scholar of the Austrian Ministry of Culture, the Central Academy of Drama visiting scholar. Has presided over "to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Shanghai SVA cum Yangpu District Construction annual literary evening", "the cause of China Polar anniversary of the CCTV broadcast, Shanghai celebrate Teacher's Day party and other large events. Former Shanghai Cable TV "Entertainment Express" reporter, "economy" show host. Invited to serve as host training camp, "the judges of the Zhejiang TV, Radio Shanghai Rising Star" host trials judges.

Research direction:

Main courses:

Commitments and issues:
Participation in the central and local governments to build scientific research "studio space laboratory", "film and television post-production lab, Shanghai the undergraduate education Highlands construction projects
Cooperation fine courses: "Cinematography modeling means" (hospital-level); Documentary (municipal); Television Arts program planning "(hospital-level)

Main achievements:
Textbook "television program tutorial" (co-Shanghai key textbook)
Small theater drama of alienation, "one of the dramatic narrative elements in the reality TV show", "reality TV show in the dramatic narrative elements"

Major works:
TV shows, party director: Shanghai TV "with you to take the world", "Samsung youth beat, Shanghai Oriental TV" OK Shanghai ", TVB Star language Qingnong" Shanghai Oriental TV "Lightning Star touched" (part won the 2008 TV cultural programs third prize of the Golden Eagle Award, the 2009 China TV Starlight Award); shooting television documentaries, feature films: "Guo", "Hengshan Road 17; involved in movies and television directing, acting, screenwriter: the movie" 38 degree ", the TV series" black kill "," wine people Hu universal, "" Love Poppins "the TV single of the drama" the Xiaojuan home ", the sitcom" deadly decoration "," New Year reward that.