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Liao Miaojing


Liao Miaojing, lecturer. A member of the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, a member of the Chinese Communication Society, a member of the Shanghai Television Artists Association, a member of the International Communications Research Base of Shanghai University, Shanghai Theatre Academy excellent course "Documentary" members. He graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now Communication University of China) recording system, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK Master of Media and Mass Communication, University of Shanghai Film and Television Academy international spread of doctoral students.

Served at Jiangsu Satellite TV, Dragon TV, Hunan Radio and Television Group's entertainment channel, the city of Shanghai SMG Group broadcast program planning and large-scale activities guidance. Invited lecturer at California State University, San Jose campus to give lectures in Western reality show comparison. Has been invited as the "Oriental Art" and other publications writer. Its guiding student work won the "the Sichuan Golden Panda Film Festival Students Documentary Award nomination," Chinese college students Advertising Audio Competition "and many other awards.

Main course: "Mass Communication", "news-gathering and planning", "Documentary"

Research interests: mechanisms and content of television program production

Commitments and projects:
TV fans group "," fan culture "Outstanding Young Teachers Project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2007
"Consumer culture fans group research projects of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Education Innovation fans of" new media group ", 2009
"International city in the media landscape, theater-level key projects," the media landscape of the international city ", 2011

The main academic achievements:
Academic works: TV imagination, "Flower City Publishing House, published in 2011; media cutting-edge research reports, Wenhui Publishing House, 2010
Thesis: "When the TV problem awareness and solutions" - "TV planning and writing 10 stresses" reading "media professional education experience," consumer society in the Context of media fans new characterization "," Dragon TV channel positioning to see the construction of Shanghai culture "identity", "presentation" of daily life TV landscape, "the" myth "of the age of mass culture to create", "teaching to educating people first - of higher education teachers' moral importance of the "public sphere and civic news Program TV fans group in the new media to build" New Representation of Media Fandom in the Context of consumption society, The Cross-Communication between Stage and Film