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Gao Ziyi


Gao Ziyi, also known as: high-Shun Yu, a professor at the national level photography (image) division. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. Incumbent the Chinese cameraman Society, photographic camera Professional Committee of Chinese Film and Television Institute of Technology, a member of the Shanghai Television Artists Association, Shanghai Film Association. The individual has received the title of the Third Shanghai "Top Ten" TV artists.
Excellent photographers nominated movie "Garrison Woman" for the first session of the Chinese Society of Cinematographers; widescreen movies "out of the horizon" for the 13th China Golden Rooster Award for "Best Cinematography Award nomination; movie" Red River Valley "China Hua Biao "Best technology Award", won the 17th China Golden Rooster Award for best Cinematography Award nomination; through the TV series "San Francisco" for the twenty-third Chinese TV Flying Award nomination for best camera Award "; television series" traveled to San Francisco for the twenty-first China TV Golden Eagle Award for "Best camera Award.

Research interests: Film Studies

Main courses: Photography form the basis of, film and television creative photography "

Major works (as a photographer):
The movie "Garrison Woman" wide-screen "out of the horizon" sets up and down, sea old dream "," Burning Paradise "," passion detective "," super girl "," Blood prisoners, "photosensitive era", Thunderbolt Phoenix "," Red River Valley "," sea Spirit "," zero action "," Sunrise xibaipo of 16mm film "three names", "lovely"
TV series "Tokyo go wild", "wilderness", "love ring", "black ice", "traveled to San Francisco", "sunshine Job," Zhang Zhizhong, "bragging", "Legend of Li Ji", "charming aroma "," sons and daughters of the canal "," mountain daisy "," party secretary diary "," Lost in Los Angeles "," Chinese family "," to forty "emotional war"
As the 2010 World Expo Shanghai Museum 3D the ring screen display piece "trip to Shanghai Chinese director of photography