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Faculty of Broadcasting and Hosting


Faculty of Broadcasting and hosting of Shanghai Theatre Academy is formed in 1995, which is the first faculty of Broadcasting and hosting in China to offer undergraduate degrees. A good way to educate talents on broadcasting and hosting was found from the faculty’s own experiences, as well as a system teaching program and a curriculum with STA characteristics. The faculty is among the First-level characteristic professional in Shanghai.

The faculty has famous directors, actor and host, scholars and young and middle – aged teachers, which is reasonable structure. It has broad teaching and great achievements on education. And it earns a great fame among the colleagues in China.

The faculty of broadcasting and hostinghas educated a large number of talents for the national TV and radio stations, film & television making companies and relevant units, who are all-round  integrated elitist with professional capacity. Among the students, there are Dong Qing, Chen Rong, Ji Xueping, Zhou Jin, Zhu Zhen, Wang Guan who are famous TV hosts over China. The graduates have won several cups on Golden Microphone, Host for Golden Eagle Festival, China’s top 100 hosts, as well as won the CCTV Host Competition, East China Host Competition, Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits Host Competition, etc..

The main teaching materials includes <Art of host> written by Prof. Wu Honglin as well as <Host artistic Language> written by Song Huaiqiang.

Main Course includes: Basic Host phonetics, TV News Broadcasting, Host artistic Language Syle, Host Basic Thoery, Intensive Reading on TV Host, Studio Broadcasting Language, Techniques on  Studio Space Application, Creative Hosting, etc.