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Li Xu


Work Experience:
  Film production Lecturer   January, 2013 - Current
  Department of Film and Television, Shanghai Theater Academy, Shanghai 
  Teach film post production courses such as VFX, editing etc.

Multimedia & graphic design Lecturer   January, 2008 - 2012
  Department of Visual Communication, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai 
  Teach multimedia and graphic design subjects such as 3D Techniques, Animation Principles,   Advanced 3D Lab,Web Design, Design Principles, Color Theory etc.

Multimedia Artist    September, 2005
  Premier Devices, Inc                                    
  Use  computer  animation   or  modeling  programs  to  create two - dimensional and three- dimensional  images  depicting our products  in motion or  illustrating  a  process.
  Create designs, concepts, animation for video footage, charts and sample layouts based on knowledge of artistic layout principles and  esthetic design concepts for product  illustrations, company  promotion  material , and  Internet  websites.  Determine  size  and  arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size of type to achieve the attractive and professional printed material for clients.

Game Artist    2000 - 2001
  Vicarious Visions Inc., Albany, New York    
  Created 3D  animation, modeling, texture creation, lighting, level maps in a team of artists and programmers;
  Created concept art, level maps design, and textures design;
  Designed and built level map in 3D, texture mapping for whole track, set up physics and created vertex lighting in Seadoo;
  Built terrain, racing track and created texture for testing of PS2, then set up physics and created lighting in Snowcross 2;
  Built character model, texture mapping, rigging and modified original animation from Activision, built level map in 3D, texture mapping for whole level map, set up physics and created vertex lighting in Spiderman 2;

Art Designer    1995 - 1999
  Gangning Hong Kong-Jiangsu Joint Venture Interior Design Company
  3D computer graphics and architectural interior art design.

Technical Sales Support   1992 - 1994
  Stone Group, Nanjing Branch
  Computer sales service center technical support.

Educational Background:
  Master of Fine Arts   2001 –  2004
  Department of Computer Arts, Academy of Art University, San Francisco

BS in Computer Science      
  Department of Computer Science and Applications, Nanjing University, China

Associate in Marketing Degree     
  Nanjing Aeronautic and Space University, China